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Jonathan Gryckiewicz

Photo of  Jonathan  Gryckiewicz
Principal Customer Support Engineer at Avid BM:SRT 2006 Home Lowell MA . :

Working on the Media Composer and Interplay MAM program teams at Avid representing the Services and Customer Success organization. I run point between the services, product management, and engineering teams.

Living in Lowell with my wife and three cats. Skiing and mountain biking whenever possible. Making lots of guitar feedback with the band Rhode Iceland. Goes to all the UML hockey games. Makes the best BBQ in Lowell.


Program team member:

Media Composer 7
Media Composer 6.5
Media Composer 6.0
Interplay MAM 4.3

Assistant Engineer: When the Ocean Gets Rough, Willy Mason 2007

Working on my MS in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship back here at UML

Mark Henderson

Photo of  Mark  Henderson
Lead Engineer at NPND, Inc. BM:SRT 2004 Home Manchester MA USA . : NPND, In.c . :

Software developer + Musician with over 10 years experience in Web application, mobile application, cloud services and embedded systems development

Charles Holbrow

Photo of  Charles  Holbrow
Research Assistant at MIT Media Lab BM:SRT 2008 Home Somerville MA . : . :

I’m a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab with the Opera Of The Future Group. We develop theatrical and musical productions, and stage them around the world.

In addition to working as a Web Developer, I have been an Audio Associate and Audio Tools Specialist at at Video Game Studio.  Immediately after graduating from UML I worked as a research assistant at the G. R. Harrison Spectroscopy Lab at MIT.


Most recently, I was “Broadcast Engineer” for the Global Interactive Simulcast of Death And The Powers, the Robot Opera developed by Tod Machover and my cohort at the MIT Media Lab. Additional productions I’ve worked on as a sound designer include Spheres and Splinters, Between the Desert and the Deep Blue Sea: A Symphony for Perth, and Skellig.

I did sound design and level design for the xBox360, PS3 video game, PowerGig, and a handful of iOS apps.

I won first prize in the Audio Engineering Society Undergraduate Design Competition for the Slowhand Gravity synthesizer I designed and coded in cSound.

In my free time, I develop an open source video game engine for collaborative in-browser games – exemplified at

Drew Hooke

Photo of  Drew  Hooke
A1 & Event Support Specialist at Boston College BM:SRT 2012 Home Chestnut Hill MA USA . : Boston College . : Drew Hook

Pierre Huberson

MM:SRT 2011 Audio Post-Produciton Supervisor at Emerson College Home Boston MA USA . : Emerson College

Full Audio Alchemist.

Scott Jordan

Consultant at Acentech BM:SRT 1995 Home Cambridge MA USA . : Acentech

Professional live sound engineer since 1995. Currently freelance as a live sound engineer for multiple companies around the Boston area, National Council for the Traditional Arts (which oversees the National Folk Festival as well as other folk festivals around the country).

Worked 6 years in technical sales/application support for two major loudspeaker manufacturers (EAW and RCF).

Since 2008 have worked as an audiovisual consultant with Acentech, emphasis on sound systems but expanding into full AV systems.


UMass Amherst Mullins Center (Amherst, MA): (Article in Sound and Communication) Designed replacement sound system for main arena. System is used for all hockey and basketball games, as well as for school functions, commencement, etc.

MANN Center for the Performing Arts (Philadelphia, PA): Performing arts facility for 14K people. Designed sound and video display system to support the lawn seating area.

Published article in School Construction Magazine:

Chris Kennedy

Producer & Engineer at Red13 Studios BM:SRT 2018 Home Worcester MA . : Red13 Studios

Jared King

Broadcast Engineer at Game Creek Video BM:SRT 2012 Home Boston MA . :

I currently work for a company called Game Creek Video. We are a Sports Production and Broadcasting company responsible for putting on many of the largest sporting events in the country from our multi-million dollar mobile production studios. I was hired mid-2013 in the companies new ‘Apprentice Program’. In addition to learning the basics of the broadcast industry such as equipment maintenance, cable construction and industry conventions, we were schooled in the full technical aspects of the trucks and how to run them as an EIC (Engineer in Charge). Since those days in the companies shop in Hudson NH, I have worked alongside the brilliant staff here at Game Creek to Engineer events such as the 2103 Stanley Cup, 2013 World Series, Super Bowl XLVII and NASCAR on Fox. Broadcast Engineering is a field that is constantly evolving and brimming with exciting technical innovation. Being an integral part of this industry along with working along side the most highly regarded broadcast engineers and TV crews in the country has been a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Previous to Game Creek Video, I was an Assistant Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer at an Audio Post Facility in Burbank, CA called Oracle Post. I worked closely with clients such as HBO, E!, Disney and Nickelodeon to create their specific auditory experiences. Alongside the audio team at Oracle, I was responsible for creating sound effects, music editorial, dialog editorial, as well as foley effects for shows such as Nickelodeon’s Penguins of Madagascar and E!’s Ice Loves Coco.


Broadcast Engineering Highlights:
NFL Super Bowl XLVII on FOX – 2014
NASCAR Sprint Cup on FOX – 2014
NHL Stanley Cup – 2013
MLB World Series – 2013

Post Production Engineering Highlights:
Nickelodeon: Penguins of Madagascar – Assistant Sound Designer
Disney: Disney Winter Fairies shorts – Assistant Sound Designer
HBO: “Vogue” – Assistant Re-recording Mixer
E!: Ice Loves Coco – Assistant Re-recording Mixer
Spike: Worlds Worst Tenants – Assistant Re-recording Mixer
Annoying ‘Price Saver’ Walmart commericals – Senior Turd Polisher

After finishing up this years 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup on Game Creeks FOX Trucks, I will be taking over the ESPN College Game Day truck ‘Larkspur’ as EIC for the 2014 season and moving forward.

Kyle Rowdy Kirouac

BM:SRT 2015 Assistant/Freelance Engineer at Wachusett Recording Co. Home Gardner MA USA . : Wachusett Recording Co.

Currently an intern at Wachusett Recording Co. based in Princeton, MA, which has turned into more of an assistant engineer position as well as a studio where I can freelance engineer out of.

Rebecca Lanoue

System Designer/Sales at Audio Video Experience BM:SRT 2013 Home Haverhill MA . :

I have been installing and designing Custom Home theater and Home automation for about 8 years now.  I have a band and studio working on the side with some partners and we are based out of lowell.

Brendan "Bob" Leahy

Software QA Engineer at Avid BM:SRT 2007 Home Lowell MA USA . : Avid

Spent a few years providing support to the TV and Film industry for Avid Media Composer, DS, and Interplay products. Moved from support to engineering and now I do QA work for Media Composer. Recently started taking some software development courses back at UML.

Alisha LeBlanc

Event Technology Coordinator at PSAV BM:SRT 2014 Home Lowell MA USA . : PSAV

I graduated roughly a year ago and I’m taking up as much space in the audio world as I can. I have a full-time position in corporate AV and several part-time jobs in freelancing, mostly in live sound. Aside from that, I fill in as a prompt-tuner for Nuance Communications, editing their audible software used in GPS systems.

Michael Lipson

Photo of  Michael  Lipson
Instructional Technology Specialist for the Natick Public Schools BM:SRT 2008 Home Natick MA . : . :

For the past five years I’ve been teaching technology electives, most notably Electronic Music and Game Design, first at Hopkinton High School and now at Natick High School. I also offer my Game Design course online through TEC Online Academy. Before I started teaching,  worked briefly as an Acoustical Engineer at a private firm in Connecticut, and completed my internship at Videre Conferencing.


At Natick High, I’m pioneering a new style of instruction called Quest-Based Learning that puts students in control of their experience and allows them to focus and specialize on topics that interest them. I’ve also recently earned Professional Teacher Status in Natick, and I’m on track to earn my Masters of Educational Technology degree this Spring at Boise State University, as well as my Professional-level teaching license.

My projects of note include the quest-based courses I’ve created and administered, most of whose materials are available via my website, and which I intend to build a separate site for in the future. I was also very proud to be invited to speak on a panel called Education Gamification at Penny Arcade Expo 2013, a well-known gaming convention in Boston.



Right now I’m staying busy upgrading my teaching licensure, earning my Masters degree and teaching online courses, but I’m also working on a slew of side projects. I have a couple of apps (Countdown Sync and WhoMentionedMe) in the Chrome App Store, I have a series of game development tutorial videos on my YouTube channel, and a host of other ideas in the works as well.

I am also, as of this past summer, engaged! I will be getting married in Spring of 2015.

Gregory Mahan

Photo of  Gregory  Mahan
Director of Creative Decisions & New Media for the UMass Lowell String Project Home Lowell MA . : UMass Lowell String Project . :

Before graduation from UMass Lowell, I was offered a position at the University and decided to stay on as staff after graduation. I work in media production primarily for the String Project, but happily take any mixing and production projects that come across my desk from the SRT department.

Patrick Meany

Freelance Engineer Home Lowell MA USA

Currently, I’m a freelance engineer working in the Lowell/ Boston area. I wear many hats, including: live sound for music and corporate events, studio recording/mixing, audio book recording/mixing, and stagehand work for touring national folk festivals.
My most regular work comes from being the regular engineer for multiple vendors specializing in reinforcement for GB bands.
My most bizarre work comes from Nuance, where I use custom-built software to make automated voice technology sound more human.

Brandon Noke

Device Certification Specialist at Nuance Communications MM:SRT 2014 Home Burlington MA . :

I am currently working at Nuance Communications, testing audio hardware for use with speech recognition.  In addition to the audio testing, I perform a wide variety of software QA tasks.

I also continue to remain busy as a musician and recordist, performing and teaching.

Adam Nunes

MM:SRT 2013 Product Support Specialist at Bose Home MA USA . : Bose . : Adam Nunes

Justin Oppus

Intern at Electric Lady Studios BM:SRT 2015 Home Boston MA USA

Sean Patterson

Acoustical Engineer at Bose Corporation BM:SRT 2015 Home Cambridge MA USA . : Bose

Working as an Acoustic Engineering designing wireless noise canceling headphones.

Brian Redmond

Photo of  Brian  Redmond
QA and Test Automation Engineer at EditShare BM: SRT 2003 Home Lowell MA . :

After UML, I spent several years in QA at Avid. I helped design The Space and worked as the engineer there for a few years. I’ve also taught Multitrack at Middlesex CC. I love our local music scene (Lowell/Boston) and have gotten to work with a ton of great bands here. My favorite thing these days is live multitracking.


My name is in the credits of Pro Tools 8 :D
Also, I’ve worked with lowercase p, Jen Kearney, The Big Sway, Los Bungalitos, Goosepimp Orchestra, Hot Day at the Zoo, Adam Ezra, Air Traffic Controller, Hivesmasher.


It’s been a great year so far…The Party Band (mastering), Oh The Humanity (mastering), D-Tension’s Secret Project (track/mix/master), Fiesta Melon (mix/master), The Rafters (live track/mix/master), SinBusters (mastering)

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