Music Intelligence Products looking for an Audio Engineer

We are looking for an engineer to help our team build the best music intelligence products and grow our database of detailed data. The perfect candidate is passionate about music and data, is a solid and responsible developer, and can learn new material quickly.The heart of our product is the Audio Analyzer. Read more [...]

Ian Young and Gavin Paddock win for Best Music

Ian Young and Gavin Paddock took home a 2011 HollyShorts award for Best Music for their work on filmmaker JT Mollner's 15-minute one-take war film "Sugartown." Executed in one continuous take, the film features a score composed, performed and recorded by Young and Paddock, completely comprised of Read more [...]

Drum Recordings in 114

In the Fall of '08, SRT Undergrads Nick Allen, Shawn Bernardo, and Philippe LeSaux performed a directed study with Professor Case to analyze the characteristics of the 114 studio with respect to drum room miking.  Drums by Gavin Paddock.  The goal was to answer the following questions: Where should Read more [...]