Studio 213

Room 213 is a state of the art surround sound control room centered around the API Vision Recording Console, SLS/Bag End surround monitors, Studer A827 2″ 24-track analog tape recorder with Dolby SR, 64 channels of AD/DA via Avid HD, Aurora, and SSL Alphalink Madi SX, serving multiple Digital Audio Workstation platforms including Pro Tools, Nuendo and Logic Pro.  The outboard gear collection spans digital and analog, vintage and cutting edge.  An extraordinary microphone collection rounds out the production capability.

This room is reserved exclusively for SRT Seniors and Graduate Students for 1000s of hours of recording and research, serving the following courses:

78.440 Multitrack Production
78.441 Advanced Multitrack Production
78.495 Directed Study in Sound Recording Technology
78.545 Advanced Mix Techniques
78.640 Production Practicum
78.740 Masters Recording Project
78.743 SRT Masters Thesis