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Tim Dacey

Photo of  Tim  Dacey
at Wilo Productions BM:SRT 2007MM:SRT 2009 Home Glendale CA . :

After leaving UML I worked for comedian Jonathan Katz as his personal assistant / audio guy. I redesigned his home studio and did a bunch of different production type things. Then I became the tracking engineer and online marketer (what?) for the web series Explosion Bus which can be found on YouTube (I only worked on the 2nd season, which has different animation).

Since then I’ve moved to LA where I work for Wilo Productions, which is technically just Loren Bouchard. I work on various things for Bob’s Burgers and have no official title as there was technically no open position when I came here. I’m not supposed to talk about what goes on here, lives are at stake.


2nd place AES student design competition 2007
Explosion Bus Web Series Season 2
Bob’s Burgers

Adam Dalton

Photo of  Adam  Dalton
Store Manager at NTS PROMEDIA BM:SRT 2007 Home Nashville TN . : . :

Since graduating from UML in 2007, I moved to Nashville, TN to intern at Blackbird Studio. It was a great experience; being that I learned a lot and met some great peeps.

After 6 months of interning, I landed a part time job at Nashville Tape Supply; AKA NTS ProMedia, where I am currently the full-time manager. We are one of the Midwest’s only suppliers of analog tape. We also sell pro hard drives and recording supplies. In 2012 we merged with WTS Media out of Chattanooga and are now also a factory direct CD/DVD manufacturer; with pricing better than ole Discmakerz!

For a while I played as a sideman for a number of aspiring artists. However I’ve found it more fulfilling playing my own music and that of those I enjoy; being a hired gun ain’t no fun. As far as engineering I’ve taken the same approach, but it’s been a very useful too to have as an aspiring artist myself.

My other sideline is graphic design. I’ve worked on a number of projects for local Nashville artists.


Self-Loathing Blues (2010) – My first solo record…
Eye On The Prize (2013) – White bluesy single of sorts…
Been Down This Road / Butterflies (2014) – Latest acoustic single thing


My goal for 2014 is to release a new songset every two months. The first of this was “Butterflies/Been Down This Road”.

I’m also getting married in October!

Scotty Desmarais

Mix Assistant to Manny Marroquin at Larrabee Studios BM:SRT 2015 Home Los Angeles CA USA . : Larrabee Studios

Excellence in Audio TEC Award

Jim Dineen

Production Sound Mixer at Din Is Noise BM:SRT 2006 Home Dallas TX USA . : Texas Location Sound Mixer

Mark Donahue

Photo of  Mark  Donahue
Engineer at Soundmirror Home Jamaica Plain MA . : Soundmirror

Chief Bottle Washer

29 Grammy nominations
13 wins

Brian Donovan

Intern at Q Division Studios BM:SRT 2015 Home Westminster MA USA . : Q Division Studios

Nick Dragoni

Mastering Engineer at M-Works Mastering BM:SRT 2010 Home Cambridge MA . : . : M-Works

Since 2010 I’ve been at M-Works Mastering in Cambridge, MA. Aside from that I’ve produced and mixed a few projects. Also, more recently I’ve been doing live sound and A/V around Boston. When I’m not doing all of that I’m probably fixing someone’s computer.


I’ve been lucky to work often with several UML alumni mastering their mixes!

In 2011 I did an archival project for Rounder Records and Alison Krauss at M-Works in which we transferred and programmed metadata for nearly every tape, analog and digital, in every stage of production (multitrack, mix down and mastering) of her albums from 1986 to 2004.

Patrick Drumm

Broadcast Engineer at Comcast Sportsnet New England BM:SRT 2008MM:SRT 2015 Home Lowell MA . : Comcast Sportsnet New England

Worked for GCV for 4 years doing broadcast engineering. Last year I resigned to continue my education in SRT and I am now looking for a new job in the music/audio business. Currently I am music and technology director at Mill City Church in Lowell and I serve as the music worship director too.


Craig Ferguson “Wee Bit O Revolution” DVD
George Lopez HBO Special
Oprah Live on the streets of Chicago
BCS Championship and Rosebowl 2010

Alyssa Dumas

Chief Engineer/Audio Producer at AudioLink, Inc. BM:SRT 2013 Home Boston MA USA . : AudioLink . : Alyssa Dumas Recording

Alyssa is the chief engineer and an audio producer at AudioLink in Watertown, MA, a voice over studio. She also owns her own business called Alyssa Dumas Recording, specializing in stereo recordings for recitals, concerts, and auditions for students. She also still plays flute with the New England Flute Orchestra.