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Joshua Conover

Photo of  Joshua  Conover
Owner, SP Sound and Production BM:SRT 2008 Home Dracut MA . :

I balance my time between freelancing and running SP Sound and Production with fellow 2008 alumn Katie Davidson.

Our company is small, but we support a wide variety of events and shows. As such, we not only have a small collection of live sound equipment, but we have also gotten into theatrical lighting and live video (cameras and switching equipment). We support corporate events, local music festivals, and school drama and musical competitions, to name a few examples.

As a freelance engineer, I do a lot of work in the corporate A/V world. This has given me the opportunity to travel all around New England, and in the past few years, the country. Through this work, I have learned most of what I know about lighting and video. During the summer, corporate work typically slows down tremendously, so I spend a lot of time supporting music tours at fairs and festivals around New England.

Patrick Drumm

Broadcast Engineer at Comcast Sportsnet New England BM:SRT 2008MM:SRT 2015 Home Lowell MA . : Comcast Sportsnet New England

Worked for GCV for 4 years doing broadcast engineering. Last year I resigned to continue my education in SRT and I am now looking for a new job in the music/audio business. Currently I am music and technology director at Mill City Church in Lowell and I serve as the music worship director too.


Craig Ferguson “Wee Bit O Revolution” DVD
George Lopez HBO Special
Oprah Live on the streets of Chicago
BCS Championship and Rosebowl 2010

Joseph Giorgi

Drummer/Recording Engineer BM:SRT 2008 Home Los Angeles CA

While working many jobs to pay for this glorious education, I’ve been spending as much time behind the kit becoming a better musician as possible.  I’ve had my go at location sound for TV/Film/Commercials, post production sound for the same, recording/live broadcast engineer for largest comedy podcast network in the world (built the system they’re currently using today).  I’ve also toured the world as a drummer, and am currently building a recording studio where I record, edit, and mix all my bands music, and hopefully turn it into a profitable studio in the future.

Mike Golubitsky

Photo of  Mike  Golubitsky
Av Assistant at The Colburn School BM:SRT 2008 Home Los Angeles CA . :

I work at a conservatory on the AV staff; what I do is more “A” than “V,” but I’ve had to considerably expand knowledge of video and projection and such. Between the three of us we record many Colburn concerts and recitals (including The Colburn Orchestra), maintain and upgrade the recording and production AV infrastructure in three performing spaces as well as in all classrooms of the school, and fulfill all audio and video production needs for the school’s various departments (conservatory, community school, dance, and jazz).
Otherwise I’ve developed an unrelenting interest in nature, culture, psychology, civilization, science, myth… and the cross-disciplinary connections therein. This takes up the rest of my time.


I assisted on 2 iTunes releases for LA Philharmonic and edited several LA opera recordings to be broadcast. That’s about it as far as super-cool professional accomplishments. During the LA Phil weeks I pretty much slept, ate, and worked (I guess that’s an accomplishment in itself). Also, hundreds and hundreds of archival recordings later.. I’ll soon be recording a string quartet for my first commercial release engineering credit ever!

Charles Holbrow

Photo of  Charles  Holbrow
Research Assistant at MIT Media Lab BM:SRT 2008 Home Somerville MA . : . :

I’m a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab with the Opera Of The Future Group. We develop theatrical and musical productions, and stage them around the world.

In addition to working as a Web Developer, I have been an Audio Associate and Audio Tools Specialist at at Video Game Studio.  Immediately after graduating from UML I worked as a research assistant at the G. R. Harrison Spectroscopy Lab at MIT.


Most recently, I was “Broadcast Engineer” for the Global Interactive Simulcast of Death And The Powers, the Robot Opera developed by Tod Machover and my cohort at the MIT Media Lab. Additional productions I’ve worked on as a sound designer include Spheres and Splinters, Between the Desert and the Deep Blue Sea: A Symphony for Perth, and Skellig.

I did sound design and level design for the xBox360, PS3 video game, PowerGig, and a handful of iOS apps.

I won first prize in the Audio Engineering Society Undergraduate Design Competition for the Slowhand Gravity synthesizer I designed and coded in cSound.

In my free time, I develop an open source video game engine for collaborative in-browser games – exemplified at

Michael Lipson

Photo of  Michael  Lipson
Instructional Technology Specialist for the Natick Public Schools BM:SRT 2008 Home Natick MA . : . :

For the past five years I’ve been teaching technology electives, most notably Electronic Music and Game Design, first at Hopkinton High School and now at Natick High School. I also offer my Game Design course online through TEC Online Academy. Before I started teaching,  worked briefly as an Acoustical Engineer at a private firm in Connecticut, and completed my internship at Videre Conferencing.


At Natick High, I’m pioneering a new style of instruction called Quest-Based Learning that puts students in control of their experience and allows them to focus and specialize on topics that interest them. I’ve also recently earned Professional Teacher Status in Natick, and I’m on track to earn my Masters of Educational Technology degree this Spring at Boise State University, as well as my Professional-level teaching license.

My projects of note include the quest-based courses I’ve created and administered, most of whose materials are available via my website, and which I intend to build a separate site for in the future. I was also very proud to be invited to speak on a panel called Education Gamification at Penny Arcade Expo 2013, a well-known gaming convention in Boston.



Right now I’m staying busy upgrading my teaching licensure, earning my Masters degree and teaching online courses, but I’m also working on a slew of side projects. I have a couple of apps (Countdown Sync and WhoMentionedMe) in the Chrome App Store, I have a series of game development tutorial videos on my YouTube channel, and a host of other ideas in the works as well.

I am also, as of this past summer, engaged! I will be getting married in Spring of 2015.

Keith Martin

Broadcast Engineer at Game Creek Video BM:SRT 2008 Home Plaistow NH . :

I am the EIC (engineer-in-charge) of Game Creek’s Encore, the world’s first large-scale IP-based routing system spread across three remote television production studios on wheels. Over the course of my seven years with Game Creek Video, I have worked my way up from building and repairing cables in the shop to dishing out equipment on 4 camera college basketball games to EIC of the 119 camera US Open at Chambers Bay. While sports broadcast is not necessarily where I saw myself going after college, I have managed to find an ever-challenging, ever-changing, and fulfilling career. It has allowed me to take a solid troubleshooting background and apply it not only to audio, but to hone my skills in video and computer networking as well. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best in this industry and it has pushed me to be the best that I can be in order to service their needs, whatever they may be.

Kadie Migliarese

Assistant Video Editor at Jump Editorial BM:SRT 2008 Home New York NY . :

Douglas Wilson

Photo of  Douglas  Wilson
Assistant Chief Engineer at WBUR BM:SRT 2008 Home Boston MA . : . :

After graduating in 2008, I went out to Los Angeles, CA to pursue an internship that led me to working for three months in a post production sound facility for TV and Film. I then returned to the Boston, MA area and begun working part time at WBUR (NPR Radio at Boston University) as a studio technician, where after 9 months I was offered a full time position as Assistant Chief Engineer.

After 4 years at WBUR, I left my position and returned to Los Angeles, CA to work pursue a different career as a freelance production assistant and location sound / boom operator for 8 months. After trial and error I landed back in Boston at WBUR in late 2013.


I have completed numerous remote broadcasts for WBUR all across Boston and different areas of Massachusetts.

I’ve also completed work in the Los Angeles, CA area in boom operating and sound mixing.

In 2013, I completed a post production mix on a 55 minute long documentary titled “Fighting For Peace” regarding the civil war in El Salvador in the 1980′s. This production was submitted to the 2013 Sundance entry.