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Shawn Bernardo

Photo of  Shawn  Bernardo
Associate Sound Designer at Blizzard Entertainment BM:SRT 2009 Home CA USA . : Blizzard Entertainment . : Shawn Bernardo

QA Lead on the Creative Team at iZotope. I’m helping create awesome software Instruments and FX!

Previously a Sound Designer at Sony, Rockstar New England, and Seven45 Studios.


Shipped the following products:

iZotope BreakTweaker

iZotope Trash 2

iZotope Iris

iZotope Base Pack, Back Pack, Wolf Pack, Jet Pack, and Chip Pack for Serato DJ

iZotope Trash and Hybrid Reverb for Wwise 2012.2

iZotope Mastering and Repair Suite for Sound Forge OSX

iZotope Mastering and Repair Suite for Sound Forge 11

BLUE Microphones Tiki

iZotope SDKs for iOS

Power Gig: Rise of The Six String (PS3/XBOX)

ModNation Racers (PS3/PSP)

Pinball Heroes (PSP)

Soulo: Karaoke (iPad)

Disney Spotlight: Karaoke (iPad)

Rachael Bigelow

Assistant Sound Editor at Pixar Animation Studios BM:SRT 2011 Home Emeryville CA . :

Tim Dacey

Photo of  Tim  Dacey
at Wilo Productions BM:SRT 2007MM:SRT 2009 Home Glendale CA . :

After leaving UML I worked for comedian Jonathan Katz as his personal assistant / audio guy. I redesigned his home studio and did a bunch of different production type things. Then I became the tracking engineer and online marketer (what?) for the web series Explosion Bus which can be found on YouTube (I only worked on the 2nd season, which has different animation).

Since then I’ve moved to LA where I work for Wilo Productions, which is technically just Loren Bouchard. I work on various things for Bob’s Burgers and have no official title as there was technically no open position when I came here. I’m not supposed to talk about what goes on here, lives are at stake.


2nd place AES student design competition 2007
Explosion Bus Web Series Season 2
Bob’s Burgers

Scotty Desmarais

Mix Assistant to Manny Marroquin at Larrabee Studios BM:SRT 2015 Home Los Angeles CA USA . : Larrabee Studios

Excellence in Audio TEC Award

Joseph Giorgi

Drummer/Recording Engineer BM:SRT 2008 Home Los Angeles CA

While working many jobs to pay for this glorious education, I’ve been spending as much time behind the kit becoming a better musician as possible.  I’ve had my go at location sound for TV/Film/Commercials, post production sound for the same, recording/live broadcast engineer for largest comedy podcast network in the world (built the system they’re currently using today).  I’ve also toured the world as a drummer, and am currently building a recording studio where I record, edit, and mix all my bands music, and hopefully turn it into a profitable studio in the future.

Mike Golubitsky

Photo of  Mike  Golubitsky
Av Assistant at The Colburn School BM:SRT 2008 Home Los Angeles CA . :

I work at a conservatory on the AV staff; what I do is more “A” than “V,” but I’ve had to considerably expand knowledge of video and projection and such. Between the three of us we record many Colburn concerts and recitals (including The Colburn Orchestra), maintain and upgrade the recording and production AV infrastructure in three performing spaces as well as in all classrooms of the school, and fulfill all audio and video production needs for the school’s various departments (conservatory, community school, dance, and jazz).
Otherwise I’ve developed an unrelenting interest in nature, culture, psychology, civilization, science, myth… and the cross-disciplinary connections therein. This takes up the rest of my time.


I assisted on 2 iTunes releases for LA Philharmonic and edited several LA opera recordings to be broadcast. That’s about it as far as super-cool professional accomplishments. During the LA Phil weeks I pretty much slept, ate, and worked (I guess that’s an accomplishment in itself). Also, hundreds and hundreds of archival recordings later.. I’ll soon be recording a string quartet for my first commercial release engineering credit ever!

Michael Matta

Pro Tools Tech at Advanced Audio BM:SRT 2005 Home Burbank CA . : . :

Pro Tools Tech, most of our clients are score mixers. I go to different studios and scoring stages in LA and setup, calibrate and mantain Pro Tools Rigs. Sony scoring stage’s setup is ours and some of Fox is our as well. So I get to hang on a lot of those sessions which is pretty amazing as my ultimate goal is film/tv/game scoring.



I have had the opportunity to tech and support a lot of big scoring sessions and mixes. John Williams, Hanz Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Randy Newman, Daft Punk (Tron), John Powell and plenty other cats. Our man mixing client is Shawn Murphy we setup his Pro Tools Rigs for mixes as well as scoring, for most of his work.

Gavin Paddock

Engineer at Fairfax Recordings BM:SRT 2007MM:SRT 2010 Home Los Angeles CA . :

House engineer at Fairfax Recordings in the space formerly known as Sound City Studios.


Worked with The Lumineers, Gotye, RDGLDGRN and Dave Grohl, Nick Waterhouse, The Apache Relay, Jonathan Rice, Needtobreathe, Tribes, Matt Corby, The Young Evils, Allah Las, The Strypes, Milow, Davis Fetter, Valerie June, The Last Bison, XLN Audio/Addictive Drums, Joshua Radin…

Dan Pye

Photo of  Dan  Pye
Global Product Line Manager at Harman International BM:SRT 2005 Home San Francisco CA . : . :

Born and raised in Maine, I came to UML because I was intrigued by the SRT program’s convergence of music, science, and technology. I gave the studio life a try and quickly decided I’d rather contribute to the industry around it.

I worked for a Finnish speaker company called Genelec in their US headquarters outside Boston for a year and a half before joining Harman in the summer of 2007 as an entry level test engineer.

In my 6 years at Harman, I’ve worked in 4 different locations (Bedford, MA, Los Angeles, CA, Shenzhen, China, and now Palo Alto, CA).


I’ve worked on a lot of projects at Harman, but I’m most proud of the Harman Kardon BDS series, which I’ve been in charge of for a three generations now.

I am PMP certified, which I recommend for anyone who does anything that can broadly be categorized as a “project.”


I’m planning to go back to school for the first time in almost 10 years (MBA)!