Studio 114

The Critical Listening and Recording Studio is designed to satisfy 4 critical sound recording technology purposes:

  • Critical Listening

An extraordinarily accurate listening and monitoring environment for both stereo and surround makes this space an ideal classroom and laboratory for the critical aural demonstration and analysis of recordings.  Mastering grade electronics provide outstanding transparency which, combined with the revealing acoustics, enable high resolution subjective testing of audio equipment, signal processors, and production techniques.

  • Recording Studio

With variable acoustics that can adjust early reflection liveness, the space serves as a live room for sound recording.  It includes four separate spaces: the main live room with variable acoustics, a large isolation booth, and two isolated amp closets.  It is designed to work in conjunction with the Advanced Multitrack Recording Studio, using 48 mic lines, a Furman 6-channel cue system and 2-way video communications.

  • Mix to Picture

HD projection, a Yamaha DM2000 console, Digital Audio Workstation choices including Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro, and signal processing that includes a rich set of plug-ins and a TC System 6000 bring high end video post production capability to the space.

  • Mixing and Mastering

The surround system features a massive SLS/Bag End 5.1 monitor system, with an EMM Labs Switchman III surround controller, plus a Merging Technologies Pyramix MassCore DSD/DVD-A workstation, making the space suitable for stereo and surround mixing and mastering.

This room is reserved exclusively for SRT Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students for 1000s of hours of recording and research, serving the following courses:

78.350 Video Production
78.360 Critical and Analytical Listening
78.440 Multitrack Production
78.441 Advanced Multitrack Production
78.460 Audio for Visuals
78.495 Directed Study in Sound Recording Technology
78.520 Recording Analysis
78.545 Advanced Mix Techniques
78.550 Advanced Video Production
78.640 Production Practicum
78.740 Masters Recording Project
78.743 SRT Masters Thesis